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When mind and music come together, a masterful project is the end result. Digging deep into my musical soul, my passion is to bring any project I'm working on to the top of its potential. Please feel free to browse, listen and/or drop me a message about how we can work together.


"John is byfar one of my favorite producers to work with. He delivers top quality every-time and has a relentless drive! Whether you're and artist, agency or brand in need, you're definitely in the right hands working with John. "

Deraj, Florida

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"It was so great working with John. I was impressed with his professionalism, experience and desire to serve the song. I’m so proud of what we accomplished in just a couple of weeks. Thanks again!"

Suzy Husner, Los Angeles

"John embodies that rare combination of talent, expertise, respect and passion.  Our collaborations are always expedient and fulfilling. I can always count on him to rise up to whatever challenge we decide to tackle.  I look forward to many more collaborations together."

Sherry-Lynn Lee, Los Angeles


"Working with John is great! He has good taste for blending modern sounds and organic instruments with results that feel fresh and energetic.  His production delivery keeps the ear interested. Plus, he's a really nice guy!"

Lound, Spain


"John is a multi-talented musician, songwriter and producer, who consistently took his time with me and saw the potential I had and helped me create my sound. He helped me to record my work and pushed me to want the best for myself and my songs."

Steve Demers, Rhode Island


"I have worked with John numerous times over the last 7 years. I first met John when I was 16 years old to record a demo, this led to a year long Artist Development deal. He taught me how crucial it is to never stop believing and constantly work on yourself."

Alexia Garza, Texas






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